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Ceramic Writing Board

Sturdy Ceramic Boards are perfect for conference room, classroom, offices, and other work environments. They show strong frameworks for excellent surfaces and stability. Also, the boards withstand regular use and cleaning. There are various sizes and specifications for every setting. Our well-designed ceramic boards provide a multipurpose, reusable space to communicate.

Magnetic Board

Magnetic Boards are just perfect to inspire and inform. The boards offer magnetic surfaces, and enable you to display notes, photos and posters etc. They allow easy erasing and insure a lasting fresh look. You can use the boards in classrooms, offices and boardrooms. They are greatly effective in presentations, meetings, and for reminder notes etc. And the boards can meet a variety of needs.

Non Magnetic Board

Our Non Magnetic Boards are ideal for writing and erasing. They are long-lasting, lightweight, and have smooth surfaces. The economical, smooth boards are applicable for personal use, classrooms, meetings, presentation, and more. Accommodating a variety of needs, these boards are designed for enhanced daily use. They are available in various sizes and specifications.

Pinup Notice Board

Pin up boards are used in institutes, offices, public places, and showrooms etc. These are perfect for your need to pin up notices, pamphlets, images and brochures etc. using push pins. The boards are made up of core material and proven technologies. They feature longer life, easy use and great practicality. Also, they ensure longevity in all environments.

Door Cover Notice Board

Door Cover Notice Boards are great in terms of use, practicality and durability. These are designed for extra protection, excellent display and easy usage. The boards are perfect for displaying important information in offices, schools, hospitals, hotel lobbies, and other places. Also, our Notice Boards are outstanding in every aspect of design. There is superior finish and aesthetics as well.

Grooved Board

We offer excellent Grooved Boards for your unique displaying needs. Perfect in design and framework, these are suited for use in hotel reception area, recreational centers, etc. They are accessible in various sizes, in landscape or portrait styles. They help display information perfectly and create unique matter. Quality material, superior finish and aesthetics are the key features of our Grooved Boards.

Perforated Board

Perforated Display Boards are suitable for all kinds of industries, including schools, colleges, hotels, IT companies, hospitals, offices, and more. These are effective in conveying messages to students, staffs, or employees. We also produce custom perforated boards as per the particular requirements of client. There is a perfect mix of top quality materials, unique craftsmanship and excellent finish.

Exhibition Display Board

Exhibition Display Systems meet your specific display and presentation requirements. They are perfect for retail purposes, trade shows and many others. Also, the systems are developed for durable usage, great practicality and user convenience. They are important for any business and suited for any environment. Our Exhibition Displays cover all your requirements related to size, configuration, budget, or features.

In India we mainly deals in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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